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So. Tired.


Previous Entry So. Tired. May. 11th, 2009 @ 08:42 am Next Entry
It's 'cause I had too much bread yesterday. :sigh: Stupid stomach - I LOVE bread...and I can't eat it without paying for it later. :sigh:

BOTH kids were up this AM before breakfast. :boggle: Herself, of course, was upset because HER schedule was messed up - SHE is supposed to be the only kid up at 5:15...to have Himself ALSO up derailed her train. :sigh: I *think* we got her straightened out (hope so!)

It's black and rainy here again. No wonder I'm so tired - this is prime sleeping-in weather!

Am back to working on the FF sock. Am in the spinning wheel pattern now...we'll see how fast it goes.

Sweet Geek has declared that we WILL get the dairy barn built before July. This is what - Mid-May? We'll see...I won't hold my breath. :grin: I will keep seriously looking at goats, though.....
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