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I got the Weekend Blues...


Previous Entry I got the Weekend Blues... May. 17th, 2009 @ 04:27 pm Next Entry
'cause we've been - join in! - Busy! :lol:

Saturday was replenishing the grocery day, and clean the kitchen, living room and bedrooms day. Fun stuff - but my kitchen *needed* it. It was...vile. Horrid. I'm not the only cook, but....:ugh: I need to teach the others to actually *clean* up after themselves...:shudder: It's all clean now, though - even though after, the kids and Sweet Geek made another batch of cheese. (I'm on my *4th* load of dishes now for the weekend. And the 3rd load of clothes. Fun stuff!)

Today....ah, today we saw Star Trek. Go. Go see it. Go see it NOW. It's good - not what I expected, but GOOD. The Franchise is BACK. :heh: Don't wanna spoiler it...but damn! It was good!

Got home, tried to install the auger - THAT failed, we're missing one of the linch pins. :sigh: Sweet Geek has mowed - again - and I have a loaf of bread in the machine. I finally killed the Kombucha - I just don't have the time to devote to it. I'd rather spend that time laying out the dairy barn, finding the stuff we need for said barn, and looking for goats. (I think my friend is going to sell us a couple of Nubians...we'll see. I'd be ecstatic if so!)

Need to shower - I'm covered in tractor grease and WD-40, then start supper. Tacos have been requested. :grin:
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