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Monday, Monday....

Made bread last night with some of the whey left over from cheese making 2.0. It...rose higher than normal, then collapsed during the baking. I'll adjust the yeast next time - it was *very* tasty, though! That may be what we do with the leftover whey!

Haven't heard from the pool guys again.....I'll give 'em until tomorrow, then I'll call and see what's going on. I sure could have used the pool last night - it was hot, and muggy, and we were sweaty from working on the tractor.

I noticed yesterday that all the movie previews were on war/end-of-the-world/disaster movies. :huh: (Well, except for Land of the Lost....but that one looks pretty stupid.) We spent the evening watching season 6 of TNG...:lol: (Yes, my kids are Trekkies, why do you ask? They've seen most of the original series, all of Enterprise, up to Season 6 of TNG, and 2 episodes of DS9. What can I say.....:grin: They've also watched all of Firefly, Season 1 of Farscape, all of the SW saga.....:lol:)

Guess I should get to work...:heh:
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