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It's Hump-day!

This week is halfway over! :huzzah: AND it's lunch-date day! :double huzzah:

I swear, my horses are spoiled Rotten. I get up at (WAY the hell too early) 4:30 or 5:00 every morning, so that I have time to feed the critters before I have to leave for work. (An aside: Horses are grazers, and weren't designed to eat 1 meal a day. *Most* people around here feed 1x a day, with a couple flakes of hay. It's amazing that the horses do so well - it shows how adaptable they are!). Well, my horses are *very* smart - as soon as the lights go on, they start kicking the feeders, demanding their breakfasts. :snicker:

So, this AM I am up, showered, and in the kitchen rummaging up breakfast. It's...about 5 AM; the kitchen lights are on, of course, and the starving horde is gathered at the feeders, weakly whinny-ing that they are starving and about to Die and Oh lord, please feed us soon 'cause we're not gonna last much longer! :snerk: (They *know* I have to feed myself first - they do get dinner before me, and they usually have a round bale to munch on (right now, they don't - they ate it all, but they DO have grass), so this is just show. :lol: Dusty usually adds a very wimpy little groan at the end of each starving whinney, just to add punch to his starving horse act. :roflmao:)

I finish breakfast, go outside, scoop the feed, meander out to feed (it's dark, it's chilly, and the grass is wet. Meander is the best I can do). Dusty has moved his feeder out of my reach (I do NOT go into the paddocks in the morning - see dark, cold, and wet for details), so his got dumped on the ground. Leah's was almost IN the water trough :sigh:, so I was careful when I dumped the bucket. Finn's and Magic's feeders were where they belonged; Heart's was in the alleyway, and poor Bullseye had his front feet IN his feeder (at least the poor, blind baby *found* his feeder this morning - I usually have to talk him in.)

So, horses are fed - I go open the coops so the chickens can do their thing, and I go back in the house. All is nice, quiet and peaceful in FiberAddict land....

for 15 minutes. Then the damn Donkey went off again. :lol:

I have NO idea how the people can stand that - he's RIGHT in their backyard near their back door. He's loud enough *we* can hear him INSIDE our house (and we're a good acre - acre and a half away) - Clearly. I have no clue why he waited until I was inside before he went off - I'd'a figured he'd'a gone off while I was feeding (the whole "I'm starving feed me too!" thing). :snicker:

Hope the neighbors do something about him...I can't imagine they like being woken up by a donkey alarm clock at 5:15-ish in the morning! :lol:
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