Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Go hug a Vet Today!

Our weekend has been SO BUSY. I'm exhausted - and today's just begun. Let's recap, shall we?

Saturday we got up, and piddled around the house. We had some friends scheduled to come out, but they called around 10 and rescheduled (for today), we hopped in the truck and headed out to try and find a pin for the top of the auger (when the oh-so-smart fenceman helped us remove it from the tractor, he DISASSEMBLED the stupid thing. It weighs 900 pounds. Fun to try and reassemble AND reattach at the same time!) took 3 stops and some fiddling to get something that worked. We also hit the grocery store, then came home to try and dig holes. After the obligatory rain storm. :sigh: Got it reassembled....and found out we were *still* missing a bolt - the damn thing wouldn't turn. :grrrrrrrrr: Sweet Geek went back out, and I mowed the front yard. He came home with a bolt..that was too short. We quit for the day at that point (Tractor: 1, Humans:0)

Sunday, we piled in the truck EaRlY and headed out to Sweet Geek's property in Alto - he and his brother just sold it. He wanted to get some momentoes....the main thing he wanted was already gone, but we got an antique plow for the front yard, some hand tools, and a pine tree. Headed home and picked up an assortment of bolts......1 fit, all was good. Until hole #4, when the nut went flying and the whole shebang quit again. :sigh: (Tractor: 2, Humans:0)

Today he will go get ANOTHER nut, and some sort of special wrench (I...don't know; I didn't ask) and try to get the rest of the damn holes dug. We have all the lumber for the barn being delivered tomorrow, so...kinda need the holes for the posts! Our friends are coming out (hopefully), I have a roast on and will soon start bread, and, if we are lucky, I will be letting Himself ride Dusty. We'll see.

Can I have a holiday now?
Tags: blather, country life

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