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It's Mon...wait, what??

I Hate Holiday weekends - it's so hard to come back to work! :sigh:

Spent 3 hours Sunday evening and most of yesterday working on the damn sock machine. See, it was working just fine on the 54 cylinder (the number is how many stitches around there are in the finished sock. 54 makes the perfect sock for me - Sweet Geek, not so much)....but the yarn was being stressed on Sweet Geek. So, we switched to the 72 cyl...and it was a NIGHTMARE.

You have to get everything perfect for a CSM to work. Mine is not quite a century old, and very particular. We couldn't get the cyl set right - THAT took a goo hour - hour and a half. THEN, I had to dig out more needles.....some of them worked great, some didn't. THEN I had to get the ribber timed with the new cyl.....:sigh:

Upshot: After about 12 hours of fiddling, I had 2 pairs of socks and 2 singles. This, while a LOT more productive than hand-knitting, is still not good - I could whip out a pair in an hour on the 54 (at my peak, a few years ago anyway) Still - not too bad.

We have most of the kinks out, I think, and I will go on about my way, merrily cranking out socks for Sweet Geek. I tried one of his on Himself - the sock is cushy-er, since there are more stitches around - and not too I'll be cranking out tube socks too. THEN I get to close all the toes (I like to have a whack of socks to do at a time.....might as well. Kitchnering toes is not my favorite part of the whole process. :grin:)

In other news: Today they are supposed to finish fixing the pool pump (FINALLY! I wanted to swim yesterday *so* Bad!) and they (a different they) are going to deliver all the wood for the dairy barn. We got 4 holes dug.....:lol:

Gotta skitter - got contract work to do!
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