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Just another Tuesday...


Previous Entry Just another Tuesday... May. 27th, 2009 @ 08:09 am Next Entry
Let's see...the pool co called me yesterday before 8 and told me that they would DEFINATLY be out to fix the pump! Only, No - they weren't. Sweet Geek is on the case - I hope they come out today. :sigh: The water is now green and icky looking. And we have a birthday party in 2 weeks. :fun:

Finished a LOUD pair of socks for Sweet Geek last night. JL yarn's Virgo, in the yellow/green/orange colorway. It's.......loud. *I* wouldn't wear it if I didn't have to - HE loves it. He doesn't know I finished the socks :heh:....I smuggled them up here to give to him at lunch. :glee:

My water bill was $224 this month :ouch: I realize that yes, we put water in the pool - but it rained, too. Some of it is because the horse water got left on a few times - overnight. :bangs head: THAT problem should be solved - we installed automatic waterers on both troughs. At least the electric was a bit down...still well over $150, but better than last month's $250. :sigh: Inflation sucks - and it's only gonna get worse, folks! (Diesel was actually LESS than unleaded this morning. :boggle:)

Got some stuffs to do.....later!
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