Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Random babblings....

Let's see:

Pool - No One showed up yesterday. Sweet Geek called. The lady (oh, this is Great!) said "I PROMISE you that we will have someone out there TOMORROW to get you fixed up - even if I have to send the OWNER out there personally! It WILL be fixed. Hey - you know, you could, instead of *repairing* the pump motor, just get a brand new pump and filter for...$60 more." Sweet Geek called me to verify, then called them back "YES! New Unit GOOD!". She said "OK, then, IF we have it in stock, we'll get you fixed up tomorrow." Ummm...wait, What? You *just* said - TOMORROW for SURE. In the very next breath, you offered us a new unit. *That* implies, to me anyway, that you *have* said unit ON HAND and ready to go. :bangs head: To say that Sweet Geek is pissed doesn't even begin to cover it. He's now going to bring up the fact that I have been paying for 4 weeks/month sevice ALL WINTER, even though the guy doesn't come OUT 4 weeks/month (and...the lady told me back when all the pump problems started that she needed to credit me, because winter is the off-season and no one come out.). I've let it slide- really, it wasn't worth arguing over, and I always like to have good-will built up, but Now? Now, I want credit, and I want my pool fixed. :sigh:

Goats - looks like we won't get the goats in August after all. My friends are in the gov't SCRAPIES program (I.....won't do that. Ever. I don't want the gov't to have control over my animals. But that's me), and, as such, they are prohibited from bringing any females on the property. They can buy bucks from CAE/CL/SCRAPIES free barns, but no females. (Most of the dieseases - especially CAE - are passed from mother to kid). So......what it looks like we'll do is let them breed the does (to the new bucks he just bought her :lol:), let them kid, then we'll get the does (you bottle-raise the kids to be sure CAE isn't passed on.) So......January or so at the earliest. :shrug: I don't want to get does from an un-clean farm, I trust our friends, so - we'll wait. Gives us more time to get the barn up.

Socks - gave Sweet Geek the loud socks yesterday at lunch. They went over well - he's wearing them today. :grin: I finished another pair for him last night, and started closing the toes on the 1 pair that fit me. I'll get back to cranking probably tomorrow evening - I want to finish *my* socks first. :lol:

Kids - can't wait for school to be out. Himself wants to bake something to take next week...I found a couple boxes of cake mix; he can do cupcakes. Or something. :grin:

Think that's it for the moment....
Tags: blather, country life, csm, goats, kids, socks

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