Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy as a .....

bee? (ARE bees busy? I dunno)....anyway. Busy weekend, as usual. Saturday Sweet Geek got 9 holes dug (he needs to re-dig 2; he got off-line somehow) and 3 posts set. We hit the grocery.....after buying 15 80 pound bags of cement. I temporarily hung the chickens shade-cloth (need to do it better...but it works for now), then the kids ran thru the water hose. (The pool was still cloudy; I dumped in 5 packages of "Super Shock" and hoped for the best). I then went indoors and cranked out 2.5 pairs of socks. (I love my CSM, even when it's being, well, cranky!)

Today, we saw Pixar's "UP". It's not what I expected - it was better, but it's really more of an adult movie. The kids liked it, but they didn't get the underlying message......which is fine. :grin: VERY good movie - go see it. Really! I need to finish *my* socks (the 3 pair I've already done are Sweet Geek's), then go and re-install the pool steps. It's STILL cloudy (of course, since they haven't added any salt, and they haven't cleaned the cell yet.), but I think it's OK. It doesn't smell, it isn't green, so......yeah, we're going in!
Tags: blather, country life

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