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Silly husband....

So. I asked Sweet Geek yesterday what color he wanted his next pair of socks to be. Now, he's never gone thru my sock yarn stash; he has NO idea of what I have, except that most of it is pretty loud. *I* figured he'd pick something..."manly" - you know, dark/subdued/whatever.

Nope. He gave me a cheeky grin and said "I want Purple and Green socks!"

Imagine his total suprise when I said "Oh! I have some of that!", went over to the stash, dug about, and pulled out 2 balls of Lorna's Laces in "Jungle Stripe" - Lime Green and Purple. :snicker:

Yes, he now has a pair of green and purple socks. I just need to close the toes, and he's good to go. :lol: (Yes, pictures WILL BE forthcoming - I need to finish all 4 pair I knit this weekend, and then I can do a photo-shoot.)

We have all but 2 of the corner posts in for the barn. We have worked out the roofline, and the door placements. Just need a nailgun (the one we were going to borrow got stolen :sigh:, so...we need to get one ourselves.) and we can put up the cross-bracing, buy the tin, and be done with it.

:whew: We're all tired here......this weekend is the AGM at the Highland Games; next weekend is the birthday bash. The pool BETTER be clean - it was OK until we got in and stirred up all the crap at the bottom (it smelled like a damn lake in there :ewwwwwwwwww:)......I am still not happy with my pool company.
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