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Previous Entry AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanddddddddddd..... Jun. 2nd, 2009 @ 08:33 am Next Entry
the pool pump is acting broke - AGAIN. Yes, this is the $370 BRAND-NEW, JUST installed FRIDAY pump...I went out this AM to feed (around...5:15, if it matters), and the pump sounded "off". I'm not sure I can explain it - I have good ears; I have perfect pitch, I can hear when a car's engine is missing (but I can't tell you which cylinder - I'm no mechanic!) - but......normally, a pool pump has a sort of quiet "hummmmm", with a bit of...sloshy water added in. (If you've ever listened to a pool pump, you'll know what I mean). This morning, it was off....the humm was.....discordant, and the water sounds were missing. I fed the critters, let the hens out, then went back to check the pool. The pump motor was...not HOT, but pretty warm-ish (I could feel heat a few centimeters above the motor). Huh. I put my arm in the (stinky, stanky, GREEN) water to feel the intake....very very very little flow was going into the pool (NOT normal. It's usually a pretty strong flow - makes for a nice back massage :grin:) The pressure gauge needle was bouncing (I couldn't read the number in the ambient light from the garage, but it looked to be around the 20 mark (which is normal); it seemed to be bouncing between 10 and 20.)

:sigh: I pulled the plug. I emptied the skimmer basket (it was pretty empty, so.....that wasn't the problem.) Sweet Geek is on it - I reminded him to tell them that we have a PARTY scheduled for NEXT WEEK, and they HAVE to get this taken care of - we started with the pump on MAY 6. (This is why I LJ everything.....:sigh:) (We put the liner in back in April......this has been going on for far too long).

I am fed up. I need to find another pool company, I think - this is getting stupid.

In other news, it is raining here. Pitch black, heavy thunder....fun. :sigh:

Got Sweet Geek's Father's Day prezzie. He already knows what it is - he found the Hoegger's catalog - and is tickled to death over it. :grin:

The kids' grannie is in the hospital again. She's having an upper GI around noon. :sigh:

My aunt is suppposed to start chemo today. She's one of the triplets (Dad is one of them, too - one day there were 5 kids, the next day -8. They were called the "Unholy Trinity". :lol:)

I have a headache......caffiene hasn't kicked in yet.
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