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Previous Entry Well..... Jun. 2nd, 2009 @ 02:59 pm Next Entry
Just got off the phone with the pool company (I want to journal this, to keep it for posterity). Sweet Geek called to set up an appt, but they didn't tell him *when*. So *I* called.

She wrote down all the stuff ("pump not circulating. No salt has been added since April; water is a cesspool and smells like a damned lake" :giggle:), told me "Barbara" does the scheduling, and she'd check it.

We're on the schedule for Thursday. I said, fine, BUT we have a pool party on the 13 (OF JUNE), like we ALWAYS do for my daughter, and this HAS to be done. THAT'S why we started this in APRIL ("doh!" she said), and...I am officially beginning to freak out.

She said they'd handle it, and "I'm going into the billing and crediting you hon. I'll take care of it"....we'll see. She's NEVER credited me so far, so I doubt it'll happen this time.
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