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:whew: It's been a busy one, and it's just Saturday!

Friday: Yesterday was the Board of Director's Meeting for our Clan (we're hosting the Annual Meeting THIS WEEKEND :ack:). It was.....well, I had to be at my Regional's at 8 AM yesterday morning - we had a community breakfast, then the BoD. I provided a loaf of bread and Cherry Dump Cake...neither one made it thru the whole breakfast. :grin:

The meeting was about 2.5 hours, then we headed to the site to get everything set up for the Games. Sweet Geek and his Regional had gone out and set the tents up for us (I love my husband!), so we didn't have to do the grunt work. We (he and I) left and took his aunt out to lunch, then headed wait for the pool man AGAIN.

See, the guy showed up Thursday (Shock!), and "fixed" the pump....and broke the filter - it wouldn't stop backwashing, so the pool was draining. :sigh: The guy showed up about 5:30 (AFTER we had "tested" the's still not set up to use the salt generator, but it was NICE.), and Sweet Geek got him all straightened out. He's supposed to come out next week, actually FIX the filter (ummm....Right), and get the salt generator going. Hope so, since we have a BIRTHDAY PARTY next weekend. :sigh:

Saturday: Today was the Arlington Scottish Festival and Highland Games. HOT. Not very busy - I guess the economy has hit it, as wasn't crowded at all. I got 1 bobbin almost full of froghair, and I spindle-spun "Biscuit"'s hair- he's Clan Gunn's Golden Retriever, and very sweet. We left at 2:30/3:00-ish to hit the pool to cool off. We'll be back out there tomorrow.....

It's fun, since our Past President is there, and our Recording Secretary and Vice-President, and some of our Regional's. The Regional from New England is just *melting*, but is having a good time. :cheers: The Past President has been here before, so he *knows* what it's's fun. We've had more members come around today than there's been in a good long while. :grin: We held a raffle for a bottle of MacLellan Scotch, and for a Tartan Teddy bear. Himself (and Herself as well) was there today (he was SO CUTE in his kilt, it made me cry!), and he was chosen to pull the tickets. He took his job very seriously....the first drawing was for the Scotch...and one of our MacDuff cousins won. :lol: He drew for the bear.....the owner wasn't there, so he redrew and Sweet Geek won! I immediately said "Oh, I love my son! Thanks, baby!" which elicted a LOT of laughter...and I have a lovely bear in our Ancient Tartan. :grin: (No, it wasn't rigged..there was no way to rig it. We sold over 350 tickets! - and I wouldn't have rigged it anyway - not sporting!)

We'll be back out again, and sweaty, but having fun. I'm off to hit the hay (yes, already - we were up at 5:30, and I'm tired, and and and...:lol:

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