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It's Wednesday...

which means Lunch! :grin: It'll be Taco Bell Salad today - we have to hit Penzey's and Half Price, too. :lol:

Let's see....we have the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly today.

The Good - the pool guy came out last night (AFTER the regular guy cleaned!) and added 6 bags of salt, some stabilizer, and...something. The cell started reading the salt before he left, so that's good - it should start producing the chlorine soon. The pool is clean, and he said he'd be back out Friday to fix the filter AND give it another cleaning.

The Bad - I didn't know that Sweet Geek had tossed his Marine Corp kilt-hose flashes in the clothes hamper Sat. they got washed. 1 was pulled out; the other went thru the dryer. :sigh: I *think* I can salvage it - it doesn't appear shrunk, just all frizzy on the back. :big sigh: Normally, I put the clothes in the washer 1 at a time.....but yesterday, it was 5 AM and I just dumped them in. Ah, well......

The Ugly - I always toss my hand-knit socks in the laundry. I do ALL my loads in cold water, with gentle to normal agitation (and very very little homemade laundry detergent). However..I ALWAYS put the sock on blockers to dry.......I forgot to remind mom of this, and Sweet Geek's new camo socks (made out of JL Yarn's Zambia Bamboo/Wool blend yarn) now fit Himself. :sigh: I didn't think to mention it, because I just automatically pull the socks out.....fortunately, my Monkey Socks (LL Shepard Sock) didn't shrink too much, and Sweet Geek's "fuzzy" socks (in JL Yarn's "Vinca") just bloomed. (No, I don't dry even the commercial sock yarns - I don't trust them not to shrink. The one time I ran my LL's Shepard Worsted socks thru the dryer (by accident!), they came out a half-size smaller, and about 1" shorter in the cuff....and LL is supposed to be Machine-washable AND dryable. :sigh:)

At least I have more yarn, and socks are easy to crank out. Himself now has a "new" pair......

Speaking of socks, I am about halfway thru the heel of FF Sock #2, and about halfway down the foot. I'd like to get these DONE so I can start on something...a bit more colorful. This gray yarn is starting to get to me. :lol:
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