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and another thing... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About and another thing...

Previous Entry and another thing... Dec. 8th, 2004 @ 04:29 am Next Entry
i found out yesterday ( before lj ate my entry....i guess i forgot to feed it or something) that the scheduling nurse didn't submit the paperwork until 12/3....workers comp has 3 working days (72 hours) to review it before issuing a yes/no.

let's see....12/3 was friday.....12/6 was monday....surgery was scheduled for 12/7...gee, no wonder i'm still in pain!

incompetence doesn't cover it. my swear like a sailor rants did...and made my boss laugh. (she taught me some new phrases, too......)

this am, the ache seems to have settled in the wrist joint. my first 2 fingers are numb numb numb, the thumb...well, "hurts" doesn't quite cover it, the last 2 fingers tingle, and the wrist spasmed all night. gah.

range of motion is still limited.

ah, well....i *will* be hearing from the doc today. i will also call the insurance this am to get the verdict personally, and we'll see where we go from here.

fun stuff......

i want to go weave a bit, but the rattling silverware noises would wake himself up early and i don't want that. guess i'll plan my next warp.
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