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The party went well - although some who had said they'd be there decided at the last minute to not show. :sigh: WHY does *anyone* do that to a CHILD? They even told her TO HER FACE they would be here...thank goodness she's a Aspie; it didn't hurt her like it would a "normal" person. She just said "Oh. Well, more cake for ME!" and meant it. :grin:

She got some cool stuffs - lots of origami books and papers, some shirts, an embroidery set (from me....I'm kinda tired of the paper crafts littering the floor...she's not, though) and some cool gems and fossils. One of which (gem, I mean) was a "Treasure Pearl" - you get a mussel-in-a-can that you open and see what color pearl is in it. You also get a silver chain and "cage" locket to put said pearl in. She had a BALL with that...and hasn't taken the necklace off yet. :grin:

Lunch was good - brisket with mashed 'taters, mac'n'cheese, and green bean casserole. And fresh bread. And chocolate cake.

After prezzies, we hit the pool - even with sunscreen I got slightly burned, but it was worth it - she (and Himself) had a Blast. As did the non-swimmers. :lol:

Today we are looking at goats again - Sweet Geek wants to get 2 Cashmere and 4 Nubians. Not sure if my friend will sell us both; the Cashmeres, yes, the Nubians...maybe 2. We'll see.

Must go shower so we can get the day started.
Tags: blather, country life, goats, kids

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