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We are with Goat...


Previous Entry We are with Goat... Jun. 14th, 2009 @ 06:29 pm Next Entry
well, we have a verbal contract on 6 goats - 3 pure Cashmere, 1 Cashmere X Nubian, and 2 pure Nubians. The 4 Cashmeres we'll be able to bring home after they're bred in September; the 2 Nubians will stay where they are until they freshen (kid/drop/give birth). Since my friend is in the gov't scrapie program, they can't bring any does onto the property.....and since they have a small Nubian herd, they want to keep these until they kid, and keep the (hopefully doe) kids. Works for us - we don't WANT the kids, just the milk.

Which means, of course, that we need to get cracking on the barn. (NO work was done on it this weekend, for obvious reasons.) We did acquire a framing nail gun today, which will make that part of the construction go faster...but we still need to get it done.

The kids were excited to "meet" our goats. They discovered how fun it is to feed them trees. :lol: Both got jumped upon, and survived just fine. (Sweet Geek became a ladder at one point, since the best tasting leaf was Just.Too.High for her to reach. :lol:) We were there almost 3 hours - and the kids LOVED it. Which is good, since *they* will have to help with the care/milking.
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