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Man, the people on a dairy goat forum I lurk on are very, very militant about goats. I mean, I asked about milking Cashmeres - a valid question, yes? - and got slammed (politely, but still slammed) over "oh, no - you want a REAL dairy goat! NOT cashmere!" and on and on and on. :shakes head:

What makes this even funnier? I googled "milking + cashmere" and got....quite a few hits on people who are actually, y'know, MILKING thier Cashmere goats! And - gasp! - DRINKING the milk!

I tell ya, this is more fun than tossing the "single treadle is better than double!" into a flock of spinners (or "circs are better than DPNs!" into a whack of knitters) :lol:

Here's the deal - all female goats have udders. They all get milk. So.....why not *use* that milk? Granted, we won't get the quantity (maybe) from a Cashmere that we would from a goat bred for dairy use...but a) this is a backyard, homesteading operation, NOT a commercial dairy; b) we only need 2 gallons a *week* for drinking purposes (and....Nubians traditionally give 1 gallon A DAY - we have 2 coming!); c) the "excess" will become cheese/soap/butter/ice cream/baked goods.

Seriously - if I wanted a massive amount of milk, I'd go with 3 Nubians, tops (or Alpines, Toggenburgs, Saanens, or La Manchas). They would give us, in low estimates, 1.5 gallons a day (that's figuring .5 gallon PER GOAT.) - we have 6 goats coming. 2 are Nubian - small, yes, but that shouldn't affect output - the other 4 are Cashmere (well, 1 is a cross). If we get .5 gallon a day per goat, that's still *3 freaking gallons* a day. :boggle: MORE than enough for what we want to do.

:deep breath: I just - those folks are kinda nutty. They seem to be more concerned with quantity per goat in a commercial sort of sense than what we are looking for/at.

Wow - I needed to get that out of my system, I think. :lol: How's the weather out there? It was 95 yesterday - the pool was a balmy 90*. PERFECT for cooling off in. Today it's forcasted to be 100*....this is only June. I am NOT looking forward to August......
Plus, Nubians don't have spinnable fiber.......:hehehehehehehehehe:
Tags: goats, rant

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