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It's Wednesday...

won't know about lunch until 10-ish - Sweet Geek is out at the new warehouse this AM and might not get back to this part of town in time. :sigh: Anyway, random stream of thoughts here:

Goats: Did you know that you can use a Turkey Fryer to pastuerise milk? :blink: I think we have a winner, here - "real" units run $200+ on Ebay. (You kinda want to pastuerise the milk you're gonna use for cheese. No, it's not a HAVE to, but if you want to be able to replicate the receipe, you want to pastuerise to kill off all the "bad" bacteria so, when you add your starter (like for cheddar, mozzerella, etc), you know EXACTLY what's in it. :shrug:) Since my co-worker thinks she has a Turkey Fryer in her garage, I think we're set. :lol:

Sock Machine: We won a new frame/cam ring/crank yesterday on eBay, so that I'll be able to set up both cylinders. (Most CSMs come with 2 cylinders - 1 with less slots than the other. My LeGare has a 72 (used for Sweet Geek; also used for finer, dressier sock yarns) and a 54 (*my* cylinder, good all-around size). The ribber is the same for both, so....IF this one works (looks like it will), I'll have 2 working CSMs. I won't have to stop and change out the cylinders whenever I want to make socks for me/Sweet Geek/the kids (they need the 54 right now, too). :whee: I need to get a dial adjuster (it's a flat piece of metal) and a new spring (think an "O" ring will work...we'll see) and maybe some new needles - but the big part is acquired. :huzzah:

Stuff: We are looking for a 2nd refrigerator, to hold the eggs/milk/cheese in. Fun stuff - Craigs List is CRAZY. You can tell the economy sucks - people are unloading stuff left and right. It's sad....especially since most of the bargains are gone - used to, people would dump it for whatever they could get. Now, they're asking more than 1/2 retail....which is bad for bargain-hunters like me. I can't blame'd figure with the economy so bad they'd be happy to take whatever they could get. I'm sorry, but $300+ for a 5+ year old refrigerator is just too much. :sigh:

I think Himself's goldfish is about to go fins-up. :sigh: I don't know WHAT is going on in his tank. We dumped half the water out after fish #1 died, and changed the filter. I didn't do anything when fish #2 died except change the food and the filter (wait - maybe I did clean the tank again) this one is on his way out. :sigh: When he does go, we'll strip the tank, bleach it, wash it, bleach it again, wash it again, let it set, then hit it with boiling water, rinse it, let it set, and rinse it again. Put in all new gravel/decor/whatever...and maybe switch to a different type of fish. I dunno..... I always draw the fresh water and let it sit a few hours before adding it to the tank, so it outgasses....I'm at a total loss here. :sigh:

It was a 2 dog night last night - both dogs slept with me. Not sure *why*, but it was nice. Sweet Geek was at his aunt's, and the kids were with G'ma, so it was all nice and quiet at the homefront. Until Zoey started barking at Bailey because he was snoring. We got that sorted, then *she* started snoring. :rolls eyes: and :lol:
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