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It's Wednesday...

but no lunch date today. :sad: He's at the other site, so we'll do it tomorrow.

:yawn: Got a bit more sleep last night..but I'm still not sleeping all night. :sigh: Oh, well...gets a lot of praying done!

I've got an entry written, but for some reason can't post it. Guess I need to re-edit it.....when I'm a bit more awake. :sigh:

Looks like the pool company got the chlorine generator working - FINALLY. I was getting tired of tasting salt all the time. :fingers crossed: it keeps working - a new cell runs $355 on eBay.

Herself suggested we put frozen water bottles out for the chickens - they LOVE them. :grin: Egg production is down - which is understandable, seeing's how we are hitting the low 100s now. (It's JUNE, dammit! JUNE. August will be *miserable*!)

Ordered me a Lush shampoo bar...we'll see how it works. If it does, I'll be ordering some for the kids - they say a shampoo bar lasts as long as *3* bottles of shampoo...for about 1/2 the price. (Of the good stuff, anyway - you can't really compare to Suave. :lol:)

I'm all random today...THIS should be a fun day! :lol:
Tags: blather, country life, hair, kids

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