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It's Thursday.....

and I have a lunch date! Good thing, too, since co-worker's cousin died yesterday, and she's not in. I *hate* driving in Dallas! Sweet Geek doesn't. Win/Win. :lol:

I think I broke my big toe last night. I was helping unload the grain; while standing in the doorway of the shed, a lid we had setting on a toolbox started to slide. The smaller toolbox on said lid missed me, but the lid (and the staple gun/tie-down straps, and...something else) didn't. :ouch: Light bruising this AM, still tender, but I can walk so it's OK. I might have to tape it later on.

Still not sleeping. My dreams, when I do manage to doze off, are *weird*. This morning I woke up with song lyrics running thru my head. :blink: and :sigh: I think it's because of the stuff going on globally (the US isn't the center of the Universe, folks - I hate to break it to you, but there is stuff going on that's..well, prophetic. I've mentioned it before...but time IS getting short.) Please, folks - take your blinders off and LOOK at what's going on! Compare it to Revelation......I do believe we're almost at Seal 5. It's...this has been a cake walk to what's in store. (If you want a breakdown of why I think this - go to Anna's and look in her sidebar for "The Six Month Suggestion". (She clarifies something in today's entry - but you need to read the Six-Month first). It's....yeah.

Chickens are still doing OK. Sick chicken is still wobbly and drunk-acting. We've got frozen water bottles in the coops for them (it was 101 yesterday, same forcasted for the next.....until October. This is JUNE. :sigh:)

Oh - we did have a pop-up rain shower yesterday going home. That was odd - the temp dropped from 103* to 96* in the space of 4 minutes, then the rain hit, then it passed, and we popped back up to 100*. Odd. Well, that's Texas for ya!

Off to put some E-balm on my toe. Can't hurt - might help.
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