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One of those days...

and it's not even 7:30. :sigh: Ah, well - at least it's Friday.

Chickens:Got the sail shades yesterday - will open the box tonight and try to get them installed tomorrow. (Gotta get the stuff to install them first).

Trailer: it's ready - they fixed the jack, checked the brakes (working!) and lights (not - so they fixed them), fixed the tow chains, repacked the bearings in all 4 wheels. We're gonna pick it up tonight and use it tomorrow to get the stuff for the goat barn and chicken coop.

Vacation: Not gonna happen. You ever have the feeling you're just NOT supposed to do something? And if you go ahead and do it, things go to hell? Well, Sweet Geek wanted to go to NASA for the 4th. I had a vague feeling of "no", but nothing really specific, so I said sure. He wanted me to ask off the 6th (I haven't yet) so we could take our time coming back. Well, this is a holiday weekend - hotel rooms are scarce right now. No biggie - he said. We'll find *something* - why do you always make things hard? (ME??? :ha!:) OK......then the trailer people called (see above - we took it in for the Jack Only. $160.) with another $300 worth of repairs (and yes, my trailer needed it - I bought it new in 1993, and it's been in the weather since 1997. Original tires before last week, too, BTW). Hmmmmm, thought I - but I didn't say anything. (With men, I've learned it's best not to. Let them figure it out themselves.) Then, the septic company called - the warning light has been on for the past 2 weeks. We made a service appointment....seems the water pump is out. (I...didn't know my septic tank HAD a water pump...) $400 later, it's fixed. (Seeing a trend, here?)

Last night I asked Sweet Geek if maybe we should postpone our NASA trip - I mean, we've spent over $1K in the past week on necessary stuff that we really hadn't budgeted for. He thought about it, and said - grudgingly - OK. We'll do local stuff instead.

Now, I don't know WHY I kept thinking we didn't need to go, but apparantly YHWH doesn't want us in Houston next weekend. :shrug: I can deal with that. We'll do the zoo and the botanical gardens instead. And work on stuff around the house (maybe - it's bloody HOT right now!)

Interesting reading: I don't know if anyone is familiar with "Predictive Linguistics" - if you read George Ure, then you know that he and the "Time Monks" have been working with web bots for years and getting a really accurate look at what's coming in the future, using the language folks are using on the web. (Yeah, it's hard to grasp at first, but I've been reading him for a while and his accuracy is Amazing. We really do have a "rickety time machine"!) Anyway, they've put together a report on what's coming in the next year or so at Half Past Human . It's only $10....and, well.....yeah. I highly recommend it. I also recommend you compare it to Revelation......seriously. It's......yeah. (And - the Time Monks aren't Believers. So.....yeah.) $10 is CHEAP - they were charging $300 per quarter for the reports - and this one, while (from what I understand) shorter than the original ones) eeriely echoes the Bible. Which I already figured it would - but reading it was a whole 'nother thing.

Sleep: Next! Still not much. I hit the bed at 9, at 11:30 I gave up but finally dozed off. Until 12:30. And 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 and 4:21. :sigh: I'd like to sleep 8 hours consecutively again at some point before Rosh Ha'shanna! :sigh:
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