Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's a weekend...

and, we lost another hen. It HAS to be the heat; there's nothing else going on. It was 94* at 9:45 this AM.....:sigh: We're doing frozen gel packs and frozen water bottles in the nesting boxes; the kids put frozen bottles in the waterers, I have 2 shade sails up....I need to find some affordable solar-powered fans. That's the only other thing I can think of.

Moving on: Weekend recap.....busy. Oh, wait - you wanted more? OK...

We picked up the trailer Friday evening so that we wouldn't have to re-hitch it Saturday AM. We left the house at 7:15 AM and headed to the lumber yard. Got 9 10' 2x4s, 1 12' 6x6, and 7 pieces of 10' r-panel (tin, only prettier. :grin:) We got home at 10 AM, and quit - it was already 94*! We showered then hit the road....

See, Sweet Geek has this secret longing to play fiddle (it's a VIOLIN, dammit! VI-O-LIN. 7 years of study - it's a VIOLIN.). I still have my VIOLIN :grin:, but I hadn't touched it least 12 years, and hadn't actually played it in....20. Or so. Thursday evening, I drug it out, dusted it off, tuned it (damn thing wouldn't stay in tune - the pegs kept slipping) and let him noodle around with it. Friday, he found a local-to-his-work String Shop, and went in. He wanted to get new strings, get the bridge replaced, maybe get my spare bow restrung, and, generally, just ask questions. He came home with a price list and a book-and-CD set on "Teach yourself the VIOLIN" :lol:

So, we left the house yesterday and headed to the shop, violin in tow. The owner was *really* nice - my violin is a good one (:duh:), in *excellent* shape (whatta know?), the bridge didn't need replacing, just resetting, the strings are in remarkable shape, the pegs - he put some peg slip stop drops on them and we were good to go. He also cleaned 20 years of rosin off of it....he said the ONLY way he'd have known it wasn't a new instrument was by my shoulder pad - a vintage (30 years old!) Willy Wolfe. The "upgraded" model of HIS shoulder pad (which he showed to us. :lol:) We had a grand time - we spent almost 2 hours there, he and I talking music and Sweet Geek asking questions. We left with my violin (in ready to perform mode!), a tuner (can't find mine), a mute, 2 song books, and a rented violin for Sweet Geek. :lol: I also had the names of a couple of case companies - my case is Ancient, and Falling Apart (seriously - the handle almost came off when we got home, and the feet have all fallen off. It's.....well, it's 30-something years old, and shows it.)

We get home, hit the pool, and Sweet Geek starts practising. The CD he has is cool - it shows the notes and you play along. I don't like how it doesn't *EXPLAIN* why/what you're doing - it went from open strings to 3 fingers on one with NO explaination - if I didn't know what I was doing, he'd have been totally lost. :sigh: Still, better than nothing. I hit eBay - the cases the shop owner recommended were...well, let's just say I had a BAD case of sticker shock. ($350???!!! For a STINKING CASE???!!!! Oi.) I scored a decent one for $99, then noodled around on my violin while he noodled around on his. :squee:

We got up at 6 AM and went to work. I got 2 sail shades up, and 1 side of the new coop is complete. If we'd had some 12' boards and tin I'd have done the 2nd side as well (pneumatic tools are the BOSS.) We quit at 9:30 - folks, when I say it's HOT, I mean Hell has come to Earth. 94* at 9:30.....I was drenched with sweat. Even in only my bikini top and shorts I was HOT. :sigh: We hit the shower (I had Lush's "Marilyn" hair creme in my hair, and wanted to rinse it out first) then hit the pool...the water was OK, but already warm-ish. :sigh:

Sweet Geek is making cheese, and I'll be noodling with my violin soon. We'll hit the pool again this's too hot to do much of anything else.
Tags: blather, country life, music

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