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Break out the Parkas...

it's only supposed to hit 90* today. :blink: It only got to 92* yesterday..not sure what's up, but I'll take it!

My violin case shipped yesterday, and should arrive at the office Thursday (per UPS). That's pretty good, considering it's coming from CA.

Started both kidlets on the violin last night. They both know "D" and "A" (the 2 middle strings). They can (sorta) keep the beat, too - I love my metronome! :lol: Tonight we'll review and do the next 5 lessons. :whee:

I think I gave Sweet Geek sticker shock yesterday. We had lunch (he'll be at the warehouse tomorrow, so yesterday was good!), and he asked me in all seriousness how much he should expect to pay for a decent violin - IF he decides he likes it. Also in complete seriousness, and without pausing a second, I said "At least $800 - $1K. You *MIGHT* luck into a really good one via Craigs List or the newpaper, but...yeah, $800+.". He....didn't say much for a few minutes. :lol: (What? That's about right for a good intermediate instrument. It'll grow with you, you CAN perform with it, and it's a good investment. The one he's renting? Sounds flat, very little resonance, decent tone - but NO. He will NOT be buying it.)

Thank you Lord for the break in the heat!
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