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I just got the most AMAZING package EVER from the Post Office! No, I really mean it ( AA Wheels were the most amazing *BOXES*, so...yeah - for real!)

A while back I contacted Three Irish Girls about a custom order. See, they have a base yarn called "MacLellan"...which just so happens to be MY clan. I had this crazy idea to have the MacLellan yarn dyed in the colors of the MacLellan Ancient Tartan, hopefully in time for our Annual Meeting June 4-6. I emailed her a .jpg of the Tartan, then snail-mailed her one of my sashes - she wanted to be sure the colors were as accurate as she could get them. Well, I waited too long to get with her, so it didn't arrive in time for the Meeting ( *I'LL* have to keep all of it for myself - the horror! :lol:) arrived TODAY. And it'', have a look!

You'll notice there's 2 base yarns here - the more heathery yarn is the MacLellan; the brighter colors are the Adorn Sock base.

Here, have another look at the wonderment that is this yarn:

The first photo was taken outdoors in the Texas sunlight - the 2nd indoors on my coffee table. I just LOVE this yarn! :bounce:

The Adorn Sock is destined to become 2 pairs of socks - Sweet Geek saw it and demanded a pair of socks for himself (even though he's a MacDuff :lol:), the MacLellan will become...maybe a shawl. I have 860 yards of it..I'm sure I can come up with *something* :glee:

I HIGHLY recommend Sharon's work - if you want some fantabulous custom yarn, go - no, RUN to her shop. This stuff is so fantastic.....seriously. I wasn't asked to gush so much - it's just this yarn is EXACTLY what I had in mind (Actually, it's better. WAY better!)
Tags: knitting, yarny goodness

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