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Happy 4th!

The zoo yesterday was fun - but HOT. We left after 2.5 hours - felt like 4. The animals were so hot they were just hiding in the shade - but it was fun. We got some good pictures - and we got to see a flamingo egg, which was cool. (And a flamingo tried to have a converstaion with me - I could have *touched* him (or do you tell?) - it was cool!)

We headed out and hit Half Price - we scored a LOT of beginner Violin music (2 of the books were ones *I* used when I was in 6th grade - how cool is that? :lol:), which we are putting to good use. Both kids are pretty solid on the "D" string - in fact, I wrote out "Mary had a Little Lamb" today and they sight-read it almost perfectly the first time thru. :preens: We haven't started the bow yet - I'd like them to get comfortable with all 3 fingers on both the "D" and "A" strings first - but that'll be soon.

It's still hotter than hot here, but at least we have a pool. Tonight we'll be watching fireworks from the back porch....maybe.
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