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lookie what i've been up to! - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry lookie what i've been up to! Dec. 8th, 2004 @ 01:24 pm Next Entry
ok, so here's a shot of the current warp:

dishtowel dishtowel

dishtowel in 8/2 cotton; weft is same in colorway eggplant

*teehee* i *love* the scrapbook feature of lj.

*ahem* so, this is a warp of white 8/2 cotton. each dishtowel has a different colored weft; this particular one is in the colorway "eggplant". the picture does *not* do it justice - the colors flow into each other and seem to shimmer. lovely. the weave pattern is from the handwoven treasury - i love the way it looks. i'm in the process of planning a similiar warp for dishtowels to go to my friend to sell for me. (i brought davison's handweaver's pattern book to work with me today so i could play around)

and yes, it's the same warp as in my icon. *g* it seemed to scream to be turned into icon-y goodness, so there ya go.

i have plans for this yarn - i want to set it against a black warp, and turn the resulting fabric into a bodice. just need to decide on the pattern.......
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