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Let's see......last night Himself and I had a showdown...over broccoli. See, broccoli was served Monday night. He doesn't like it - I get that, I really do. He was given MAYBE 1 tablespoon worth. He refused to eat. So, OK - this is a battle *I* will win - I can't have him (or Herself, for that matter) dictating what he will and will not eat. I told him that if he didn't eat it then, it would be served for breakfast, then lunch, THEN dinner - and NO OTHER food would be given to him until he ate it. Period.

He refused. I came home from work last night to a hungry boy with a plate of icky broccoli. Showtime! I sat him in the chair and informed him he had 2 choices - eat the tablespoon of (admitedly icky) broccoli from Monday evening, or eat an ENTIRE BAG of freshly prepared broccoli. He threw a temper tantrum that would impress every 2 year old on the planet. He had broccoli in his hair, on the floor (I picked it up, wiped it off, and put it back on the plate - sorry, that won't work here.), on his clothes. :sigh: He got his butt busted. He finally - FINALLY - ate 2 bites. Not the full serving, no - but I won and was gracious in my victory.

Well, that and the fact that we will be having broccoli EVERY EVENING until he eats it without complaining. (I don't like broccoli, but I eat it. He can learn to do the same.)

Then, this AM, I go out at 4:30 to feed (hey, I was up - why not?). It's dark, I'm in the shed, and I hear a rumbling thunder. WTH? I turn around (I was dipping up grain, so my back was to the door) to see this...LARGE shadow in the doorway...:shudder: Turns out SOMEONE didn't latch the girl's gate yesterday (the chain was hooked around the post - NOT the gate.) and they were out rumbling around. :sigh: Got that sorted....NOT the way I want to wake up in the morning! laptop has lost the 'net. I had to use the Mac :horrors!:. Sweet Geek said he'll see what's up with it...:sigh:

Can I go back to bed now? (Note to self: Buy broccoli. And cereal.)
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