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it's thursday...4 days to go!

i am tired of the pain. today, the pain has settled into a dull ache in the wrist joint. the first 2 fingers are slightly swollen, stiff, and the bottom knuckle feels, well...broke. on both fingers. i don't think anything is broken......but who knows.

the doc? his office keeps with the "pat, pat, it's ok. no, we don't need to see you - you'll be in surgery tuesday, so it'll be fine". *sigh* if he weren't the best rated hand/wrist doc in town, i'd go somewhere else.

unfortunately, when i asked worker's comp to send me a list of other ortho's in the area, they never did.

ah, well......

almost got the warp woven off. not sure what i want to do next...need to get planning. i'm thinking i'll do another twill sample - i hate the first one. too thick yarns, the tartan wasn't as interesting as i had hoped.....we'll see.
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