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It's Wednesday...

which means Lunch Date with the Hubs! :whee: Unless, of course, something meltsdown at one of his sites. :sigh:

Anyway, this is July, which means for all you Dallas-ites out there that Restaurant Week is coming up! This year, some of the participating restaurants are going for 3 weeks.....

What this is, for those of you NOT familiar with it, is a week (or 3) when the 4- and 5-Star restaurants in DFW offer a fixed price 3-course meal for $35. Of that, $7 goes to the N. Texas Foodbank. Win/Win - most of these restaurants charge $40+ for the entree ALONE, so...yeah. We're talking places like Abacus, The Mansion on Turtle Creek, Fearings (for the record, when we went here for our Office x-mas lunch, MY entree alone was abut $40, IIRC. LUNCH, people - Dinner is usually more pricey!), The Bijoux.....major players on the foodie-scene here. Why do I mention this?

Because Sweet Geek and I have a date to go to Del Frisco's the first week of this. :grin: Let's see.....3 course meal, including STEAK, for $35/each? I can do that! :squee: I have the list and we're going to go over it at lunch today...we might plan another night, too.....IF we can get a reservation. These, of course, sell out pretty quickly. (I mean, really - The Mansion for $35?????!) (Abacus is already sold out, as is Fearing's - the boss wanted to go. We scored her an Abacus reservation....barely.)

Not much else going on - I'm eyeball deep in Revelation right now, with some cross-referencing in Daniel. Not understanding it - yet - but I'm working on it.
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