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Previous Entry :ugh: Jul. 19th, 2009 @ 04:09 pm Next Entry
It has been a weekend! Yesterday we picked up the stuff to finish the coop, then ran the kids to the other Grands for a 2 week visit. They were excited - and they took enough stuff that I think an invasion was planned. :lol:

On the way home we hit Fry's - Season 2 of Eureka and a new phone for the kitchen. And Wallyworld - new jeans for Sweet Geek and some new duds for me (I needed something nice for our date in August. A nice strappy dress in black will do just fine, thanks! :lol:)

Today....well, the coop isn't finished. Yet. But ALMOST. The back and both sides are DONE, the front is completly framed and chicken-wired, and the roof is pretty much ON. (I say pretty much because it's all there, but not completly screwed yet.) We started at 8 AM, and HAD to quit by 1:30 - it was too damned hot, and my blood sugar had tanked. Still, lots done - hopefully this week we can get the front finished (we need to cut the tin; the chicken door is already framed), build the perches, and take the nesting boxes OFF of the first coop and install them in the new one. :whew:

I'm working a very nice tan - my usual construction "uniform" is my halter bikini top with denim shorts and hiking boots. (Hey - when it's 94*+ out, I wear as little as I can get away with! It's a MODEST top, so....yeah. Sweet Geek doesn't have a problem with it, and I don't go flaunting it around town.) I weighed the options: Possible skin cancer, or good dose of Vit. D....I'd rather NOT get sick this winter, thank you very much.

It's threatening rain now - so swimming's probably out. :sigh: Ah, well - we NEED the rain, and the pool will still be there tomorrow. :shrug:
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