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In which our heroine goes off the deep end

First up: New chicken coop - it DOES NOT leak! I checked it last night; we had gotten a pretty good gully-washer (there were puddles *everywhere*) - and the inside of the coop was bone dry! :huzzah:

Now....we start with a Book Review and go from there. Lots of opinions abound -

OK, this is going to go all over the map, just to warn you - but I feel it's important. We start with a book - Debbie Macomber's "Angels to Go". I needed something to read last night, I hadn't read this's books are chrischun lite, but usually fast, easy reads, so why not?

I threw it across the room at the beginning of ch. 2. (I mean - I REALLY threw it - it's on the floor next to the bed, where it landed after it bounced off the wall.) Usually I make it farther than that - say, mid-book, but this one.....

Ch 1 sets up the story - elderly man is dying, can go at any time. He's worried about his wife of 68 years - she can't live by herself, so he prays that God will help him convince his wife to move to an assisted living home (I think - there weren't a lot of details about *where* he wanted to move her). Ch 2 starts with Gabriel receiving the prayer (WHAT? NO - just, NO. GOD receives the prayers - NO WHERE in the Bible does it say that Angels are glorified personal assistants! :bangs head:) and going "Oh, dear - this is a hard one. And right before x-mess; I need to look at this kids' prayer first before assigning this one!" This is the point I threw the book - NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO.

GOD answers prayer - NOT angels. NOTHING is too hard for GOD - He's GOD! (Also, God is NOT santa - you don't pray and :poof: you get a pony! which was implied with the boy's prayer)

I have a MAJOR problem with the dumbing-down of chrischuns (like you didn't already know this?). The church isn't helping - they preach luvvvvvvvvv and fuzzy-wuzzys instead of TRUTH - in fact, most churches wouldn't recognize Truth if it got up and did the hula in front of them. They've added to the Bible (which we are told NOT to do, but hey - whatever!), they've thrown out the God-ordained Feasts for some pagan knock-offs (but don't try to TELL them that their beloved easter celebration is based on a fertility festival.....even when they are hosting an egg hunt for all the young'uns. :shakes head:)....and books like this don't help.

Neither do movies (yeah, I have to go here....). Sweet Geek was at his aunt's house Monday, and they watched the Passon of the Christ. I won't watch it - have NO desire to, and I believe there are a LOT of problems with it. He wanted to know why....and I figured it fit right in with my problems with the book, ya go:

1. I feel it violates the whole 2nd commandment. You know, the whole "You are to make no carved image OR ANY KIND of representation of anything in heaven above, on the earth beneath or int he water below the shoreline" (Exodus 20:4) If having someone portray the Messiah doesn't violate this is spirit if not reality,'s pretty damn close. I'd rather not risk it, myself.

2. The whole chrischun community jumped on the movie's bandwagon - if THAT'S not a Red Flag, well, I don't know what one would be. Come on - the church has strayed from the Truth - drastically. If they jump on something and says it's "all that", well, I run away from it and go to the Source to see what GOD says.

3. The biggie: We are conditioned almost from birth that movies and TV are ENTERTAINMENT. And, we are conditioned that movies and TV are FICTION. We go to the movies (and watch TV shows) to let ourselves forget, for a couple of hours, what is going on in the world. You KNOW in a movie that there will be a happy ending, you know that (rarely) the hero doesn't die (usually), and that what you see is FAKE. Even the "true stories" that you see (Glory Road comes to mind) have been so Hollywooded to make them more salable - and thus, mostly fiction.

So, you take a TRUE story (that of Christ - and this is NOT up for debate here. I do believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God; it's Truth. When it says the Earth was flooded, it was. End of discussion. Take it to your own space if you want to debate this - this is my space.), and turn it into a movie, and you've just watered down Truth. It becomes just another summer movie - like Transformers, or Star Wars, or MIB....people will dismiss it, because, after all - the Movie was better! (Not even...I don't need to see the movie to know that the Truth is MUCH better than even Mel Gibson can come up with.) Oh - plus the fact that they HAD to ADD TO the story to "flesh it out"......we're told in Scripture to NOT DO THAT. The Gospels have relatively short accounts of the death of Jesus.....a couple chapters each, if I remember correctly. The movie is what - 2.5 hours? 3? Yeah...lots of adding to, right there.

I have a major problem with this - the church thinks it's OK to go against God's own Word; in fact, they praise it! Instead of taking the time to point out what's wrong with the whole idea (and, we're back to the book here, even), they get all lovey-dovey with the idea and tell their congregants to go out and share it with others...this is bad.

The book? I'll never buy another Debbie Macomber book, and I'll be getting rid of the ones I have. I've always found her to be, like I said before, chrischun lite, but now - I have a MAJOR problem with her theology. The Bible doesn't say angels answer prayer...GOD answers prayer. Angels are usually just messengers.....NOT the answer itself.

By limiting God, she has done a MAJOR disservice to the chrischun community...because people will read this, it'll get absorbed into their belief system, and....that'll cause all sorts of problems. God destroyed Jerusalem for people turning away from Him to worship idols.....well, by limiting God, you're no longer worshipping HIM, are you? By saying that God has a personal secretary that pigeon-holes prayer requests, you are no longer talking about the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, are you? You're no longer talking about Jesus, either - since Jesus WAS God. I just...I can't think like that.

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