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It's Friday.....

and it's going to be another long day. I intended to go to bed EARLY last night - getting up at 3:30 is just NOT my cuppa. At 6, Sweet Geek called - they might get off "early" (because the original plan was off at 7 or later); if so, he's coming home. OK. At 6:30, I called the kids - they're fine, having a blast, and the grands aren't crazy yet.

I hadn't heard anything by 7, so I assumed he was going to his aunt's house (it's 20 minutes away, versus 1 hour to our house). At 7:05, he called - he's just left and is coming home! :silly man:

At 7:30, a very old friend called - I haven't heard from her since 2003! :boggle: We had a nice chat, got sorta caught up - then Sweet Geek got home at 8. So....normal-ish bedtime for me.

Only, neither one of us could sleep. :snicker:

Not sure what was up with him; for me, it was because I got 2 letters from the IRS stating that my kids each owe $1300 for their 2007 return. Ummmm, No. Their "income" is Social Security Survivor's Benefits, and, as it is the ONLY income they have, it's NON-TAXABLE. I have 10% withheld anyway, because I like the little bonus at the beginning of the year - we use it for clothing, new toys, vacations......but NONE of it is taxable. :sigh: I get to wrangle with them today. :bangs head: I'm not really surprized this happened - after all, the Feds have LOST 9-trillion dollars; they have to make it up somewhere. Why not add more illegal taxes on us poor taxpayers? (Taxation withOUT representation is very much alive and well - if you doubt it, well, where's your GM stock certificate? After all, YOU (and me and all the rest of us taxpayers) OWN a portion of GM, thanks to the gov't, where's my certificate? Or my owner's discount card? Think about it.....they didn't put this to a vote, which the Constitution requires -they just took our tax dollars and bailed 'em out. *I* didn't want that to happen - the gov't won't bail out ME if I get in over my head, so why should we reward big business that can't keep to a budget? - but they didn't ASK, now did they?)

Anyway, I have both returns, and I'm gearing up to call. I need to get caffienated first, though...:lol:
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