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It's a rainy Monday...

I just hope we're getting rain at HOME. We heard the thunder last night, but it was dry as a bone this morning. We need the rain! (Please, Lord, let it rain on us!)

The coop was still standing this AM, as were the nesting boxes and roost. :whew: It looks nice - I'll try to get photos. It was weird yesterday - 1 minute nice and sunny, the next overcast and icky. That's Texas for ya!

Went to Tractor Supply and got "Snake BeGone" or somesuch. We'll put it down after the rains pass....:fingers crossed: it works. I need to get some garlic, too - that's supposed to work. We put the nesting boxes up about 2', to prevent any...surprises. It's funny to watch the hens fly up there. :snicker:

Need to figure out how to help Sweet Geek's's achy and keeping him from sleeping. :sigh:

Need to remember to bring my violin tomorrow so we can drop her off for a "beauty treatment" :snicker: Not sure what else to call "get a set-up on it"...tune up? Or would that be too punny? :lol:

Speaking of...Sweet Geek's should arrive Friday. He's obsessivly watching UPS...:lol: That'll be fun!

The kids are doing well - they got new shoes yesterday. And went out to lunch. I think, anyway - they were awfully busy when I called...I miss the li'l buggers. Be glad when Saturday gets here!

I need to find a rotary dryer - no one's got one within 100 miles of the house, at least according to their websites. :sigh: Fun stuff....
Tags: blather, country life, kids, music

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