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It's raining, it's pouring...

and the new coop is as dry as a bone! :happy dance: Looks like we CAN build it! :silly Bob the builder reference:

Have my violin up here ready to go to the shop tonight. Can't leave it in the truck - you do NOT leave delicate wooden instruments in the car in the Texas heat (it was 74* at 5 AM), it's not good for them. Warp city. :shudder:

We stopped at Dad's last night to pick up a bunch of my old music books - *that* was a trip down memory lane! :lol: We're pretty set for the kids to learn, now.

I hopefully have a lunch date today....:fingers crossed: Gonna be hard to top last night's dinner, though - Wing's very own Philly Cheesesteak. :nom:

School starts Aug. 24 - WHERE did the summer go?
Tags: blather, music

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