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Same song, *3rd* verse!


Previous Entry Same song, *3rd* verse! Jul. 30th, 2009 @ 07:37 am Next Entry
Massive thunderboomers and tornado warnings, oh my! Such is life in TX....

Got the violin back yesterday. He replaced the bridge, wiggled the soundpost, respaced the strings, did....some other stuff, I think, and gave it a good polish. It sounds Fantastic - some of that is the new strings, yes, but some of it is the adjustments. We'll see how it goes - the new spacing gave me some fits last night.....

Knitting: None. I am stalled - I have the FF socks on the needles, a sweater, a sock on the CSM, a half-finished scarf....and I have NO desire to knit. New yarn isn't even tempting me. Neither is knitting books. :sigh:

Weaving: Ditto. The loom sits empty, accusing me. I just.....can't drum up the enthusiasm to play with yarn. Sucks...but it'll come back. Soon, I hope.

The chicken coop was perfectly dry last night - in fact, it was bone dry about 1' outside the coop, under the overhang. That's pretty darn good! The hens are only using the upper nesting box at the moment...hope that changes - the bottom one is perfectly fine, after all. :lol:

Gonna go watch lightning now!
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