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It's Friday Morning....

and I'm off work! Got to take the mom-unit to the doc for a colonoscopy (fun!). It actually *would* be fun - for me - if I had my knitting mojo back. Ah, well...I'll have my Bible and another book, so I'm set.

Sweet Geek got his violin yesterday. I am Impressed. It's a Scott Cao (google him), was too damn cheap. Nice, big tone, round, good resonance - a little tinny on the higher register, but overall nice. I think a different set of strings will help with that, as will age. (Violins get better and better as they are played and "open up"). To speed up the process, I'm gonna do what I did with my harp - play music (and TV :lol:) at it. :grin: Seriously, the vibrations help it find it's voice a lot faster. And it's fun to tell folks your fiddle needs to watch Eureka. :lol: It's a damn sight better than the rental - and it was a little more than $100 CHEAPER than what they sell those for. :shakes head in amazement: We'll probably take it in and have it gone over, to make sure it's optimally set up (I'm SO pleased with mine now it's not even funny!)

When we get home today, I'll be working in the bedroom - it needs a tidy. IF I have time, I'll move to the kitchen.....but I probably won't. I need a nap sometime in there, too. :lol:

Might as well get started....
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