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I just bought my birthday present.....a 60" Glimakra Mora from a lady in Oklahoma. The wonderful, thoughtful, terrific Kae has said she'll help me get it down here from up there......Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna *see* it? Go here: Happy Birthday to Me!

OK, so it's not my dream loom...yet. This one only has 4H..but I can upgrade it easily. I've been talking with Joanne Hall (of Elkhorn Weaving Studio in Montana; she's a Glimakra dealer and v.v.v.knowledgeable) about it, and it looks like I can do it for a little less than my LeClerc 45" 4H can bring. Wow...a 60" 8H loom. In my house. Awesome!

Whee!!! 60" of sweet swedish weaving pleasure. What in the hell am I going to do with a 60" loom? And where am I going to put all the stuff that's now cluttering the weaving room? *g*

I've been lusting after a Glimakra for a while, ever since Carolyn got hers. The sheer quietness of it, the large shed..yeah. I've had a bad case of lust.

Anyone out there in LJ world want/need a loom? *g* Seriously - the LeClerc is now officially For Sale. 45", 4H, 6T, 2 reeds - 8 and 10 dent, bench, and lease sticks. I think I have a spare heddle hook or 2 lying around here. No boat shuttles, unfortunatley, but you can find them pretty cheap on Ebay. I can toss in a stick shuttle or 2. Buyer needs to arrange pick up...blah blah blah. I'd like $700.

Seriously. It's a nice loom, it's just a little too noisy for me right now. Himself won't sleep if the loom is going, so my weaving time is The countermarch with it's quiet texsolv heddles should take care of *that*.
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