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Previous Entry Oh, man! Aug. 6th, 2009 @ 06:28 am Next Entry
Wish I could share our sunrise - it's all pink and purple and blue and orange and GORGEOUS. Unfortunately, the camera is in the bedroom, and Sweet Geek is sleeping. He didn't sleep at ALL last night, so I made him lay back down. He might go to work...IF I remember to wake him up. :grin:

Yep, I'm home today - Mom has a doc appointment. We'll find out what the biopsy said (biopsies? biopsys? Whatever...) Then we'll get the schedule. Fun stuff...

The hens love the new coop, but don't use the roost - they'd rather cram all 29 of themselves into 10 nesting boxes. Well, ONTO also - they were crammed in, on the perches, and on top of it when I went out to see how they were doing the other morning. Too, too funny - Sweet Geek suggested we rip out the perches and replace them with another set of nesting boxes. Sounds good to me!

How humbling is it to be looking for sheet music of a Vivaldi piece you played in HS, only to find a recording of Ithzak Perlman playing the same piece with the Israeli Symphony? All I can say is I suck. :lol: I was good, once upon a time......now, not so much.

Need to go clean something...the appt. is at 10, and I'm just at loose ends.
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