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The kids' Granny is stable; she's in ICU now. They tied off 3 more bleeders in her throat, and want to run some sort of test today. So, that's encouraging.

Book Review: Just finished reading "A Baptist Among the Jews"....and I am disappointed. *I* thought it would be about the author's journey to a deeper understanding of her Hebrew Roots..instead, I got the story of someone who is searching, but not really finding. Or, maybe she was finding, but not recognizing *what* she was finding. It seemed like she was more into "look at me, a Goy among the Jews, and *I'm* accepted because I don't push the Messiah!"........and, y'know, I thought Baptists were more into the "Great Commission" than that. :sigh: The book was more fluff than substance......I wanted more.

Everything in the Torah points to the Messiah. ALL the laws, ALL the prophecies......they all point to the same place. *IF* the author had been sincere, she would have *seen* this - I did when I started really reading the Torah for myself. It's incredible that probably 90% of Yeshua's teachings were directly quoted from Torah - a fact most people miss because of the translation they're using. (The KJV is pretty good at keeping them the same; the CJB - which I prefer - lifts the passages directly from the source, AND footnotes them.) The fact that the author missed telling. :sigh:

Ah, well......Sweet Geek has a violin lesson tonight. I have knitting - hope my mojo is back. Otherwise I'll have to browse the sheet music section....I'd rather have a sock to show for it! :lol:

We have hot water! SOoooooooo nice to be able to take a shower this morning!

Need to find a piano tuner...there are none listed in my local phone book. :sigh:

Off to google....
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