Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

:erk: It's Friday...

so, at least it has that going for it.

Let's see....we are now a 4 stop-light town. :sigh: I love my little hamlet; I moved here because it had only 3 lights. Very small-town feeling. Now, we have 4 - they finally put one in at the freeway intersection. Yes, we needed it....No, I don't like it. Ah, well - progress, right?

String supplies: If you or someone you know plays a stringed-instrument (specifically in the violin-family), I can HIGHLY recommend Quinn Violins. Good prices, not necessisarily the lowest, but their customer service is Outstanding. Example: On July 10, I ordered a Tabary composite bow. I had been researching for weeks, and had decided that this was what I I began the low-price search. Everyone had it listed at $99.99 or UP, except for Quinn, who lists it at $59.99. :boggle: I called to verify; yes, that IS the going price, and YES, it IS a good deal.

Now, it says on the website that there is a 7-10 day wait on this bow. The salesman I talked to reiterated this; no biggie - I can wait 2 weeks to get my new bow. So, I went thru their shopping cart, entered my CC info, and hit Buy. And prepared to wait.

On July 12, the charge hit my account. Cool - I started the countdown. On July 20, I emailed to check on it, and was told it should be in any time. Okey-dokey, then. On Aug 8, I emailed again, very nicely, and said "Hey, just wanted to check on this order, the charge hit July 12 and I haven't seen anything, do ya think my PO lost it?"

The OWNER emailed me back. "Oh, no", he said "You should NOT have been charged until the bow shipped. It comes direct from the manufacturer - that's why our prices are so low. I checked - they are on backorder; won't be in for 2 weeks. I can offer you a comparable bow, I can let you wait, or I can refund the $$ - your call." :hmmmm: I emailed back asking for bow recommendations; he replied that he would go with the Glasser Composite. I went and looked...nice bow, good reviews..but they had it listed at $79.99. :sigh: So, once again I emailed "OK. I like the Glasser, but I don't have any spare $$ until the 15th, so I guess I'll wait and upgrade it next week."

I hadn't even navigated off of my sent mail screen when the owner replied "No, you misunderstood - there will be NO CHARGE for the upgrade, since we screwed up. Our goal is happy customers - enjoy the new bow!"

I got it last night. It is.....very nice. I like it, what little I played with it anyway. It needs more rosin before I can make a definate statement, but it was very responsive, pulled a nice tone, and....believe it or not I had very few squeaks on the "E".

I WILL be ordering from them again - I need to change strings again. The Evahs I have on my violin now are irritating me - they are TOO bright for my taste. (Go figure - I wanted something brighter than the old Dominants...these are, but I HATE them. Too twinkly and chirpy. I want to go back to gut...but they are too expensive and don't last. I'm leaning towards Obligatos....that's what 2 people have recommended to me, one being the luthier that worked on my violin. So...yeah. Obligatos it is)

Still need to find a piano tuner....
Tags: blather, music

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