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This has been a busy weekend so far - and it's just Sunday! Yesterday, we had to go pick up my dress from the cleaners (Sweet Geek took it to be ironed; I need it for our date Wednesday and he forgot it Friday), then we hit the Mall - I wanted to get some more stuff from Lush. BIG mistake.....if I order thru the catalog, I buy 2 things - the Marilyn hair mask, and the Blonde shampoo bar. Going into the store.....:oops:

I got 2 shampoo bars, the Marilyn, 2 conditioners (1 for me, 1 for Herself) and a small sample of their facial soap for Herself. Let's not discuss the total...let's just say I can't do that every month.

Other mistake: I didn't know we had a Lego store in Dalls - I knew about the one in Frisco....Himself and Sweet Geek fled Lush, and discovered Lego. :sigh: I am in SOOOOOOOOoooo much trouble! Himself did say he was NOT going to spend his allowance at Wallyworld - he wanted to come back to Legoland instead.

Herself discovered, that's where HER allowance will go. (G'ma, use that as a threat/bribe, 'K?)

We then took Himself's violin to Fiddle and Bow for a workover - the "A" keeps popping off the bridge when he pizzacatos. :sigh: It'll be ready until then we either a)don't practise or b)he just practices bowing open strings. I think "B" will win.

Hit Wallyworld for groceries and school supplies (for Herself - Himself's was pre-packaged at Brookshires) then home in time for a short swim and dinner (homemade pizza - YUM!)

Today, I have tackled the black hole that is my weaving studio. It's livable now, but still needs a bit. Won't ever be spotless - it's a working craft room, after all - but I can stand to be in there now (and I can GET in there now. :whew:) The kids are supposedly cleaning their rooms....right. I have Marilyn in my hair...need to go wash it out; it feels all gooey. I also need a milkshake.....:lol:

I will say this - when the Rapture comes (yes, I belive it will, and I believe it will be in the next year or so, on RH), whoever grabs my house will be set. I have books on *everything*, I have yarn/needles/looms/thread/material/sewing machine/serger.....they will be set for food and clothing (And I had NO idea how many books I had on creating clothing from nothing. Wow..). The chickens are laying pretty regular (and I have books on their care, as well as horse care AND goat care, although I just don't think the goats are gonna happen - I have a feeling about that) You can't eat horses (they aren't clean animals) but my neighbor has cows - they might be able to work a deal with him. :shrug: I don't plan on being here, so...:grin: (And if I'm wrong, well, I'm still set for what I see coming. It's NOT gonna be pretty, and it'll be our gov't that brings it. Just sayin'.
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