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Previous Entry Hum de hum de hum.... Aug. 18th, 2009 @ 06:58 am Next Entry
Let's see...Herself went to her new school yesterday, and met the counciler. She was supposed to pick up her schedule...but the morons hadn't put her in AP classes (Mom had called 2x this summer to make sure she was in them, and they said yes.......:sigh:) So..they are re-working her schedule. Fun stuff - school starts Monday and she doesn't know who her teachers are. :bangs head:

AND, her stupid doc was supposed to mail her prescription out LAST WEEK...and we haven't gotten it. I wouldn't be as pissed, but the doc charges me $15 to write out a refill. I think I need to find another doc, to be honest.

Saw a meteor this AM. Small one, didn't take up more than about an inch of viewing space, and went quick. Nice.

Need to find a slip - the local Thrallmart doesn't carry them. Fun.

Got the menu for Del Frisco's...their Restaurant Week menu is very very limited. Most of the other places have a really good one; Del Frisco's? Course 1: Either a Summer Salad (with strawberry vinaigrette..ick) or Chilled Asparagus Soup (with crabmeat - so that's OUT, even if I LIKED asparagus) Course 2: Filet Mignon or Blackened Mahi Mahi and Course 3: Dreamsicle Cheesecake. The extra 4th Course (for another $9) is a Jumpo Shrimp Cocktail ..... which is OUT, anyway. That's it - that's the entire Restaurant Week Menu. I am not impressed - Mercury has like 5 or 6 Entrees, Abacus had 4, I think.......ah, well - I was gonna get steak anyway.

Torah Class has a study of Ruth up - it's very very very interesting. I took more notes for the 1st 2 chapters than I had anywhere else! Ruth, for being such a short book, is very very deep - and it's one ALL professed Christ-followers should read, as the first 2 chapters show us how we are to be once we've accepted Christ.
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