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Wow...just WOW.

Dinner last night was FABOO! The service was impeccable, the food was fantastic, the atmosphere sublime...I just can't say enough nice things about J., our waiter. Very attentive, not overbearing, and very, very nice. He earned every bit of the...almost 40% tip we left.

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse is *well* worth the prices - and they ARE high. If it hadn't been for Restaurant Week, we could never have afforded it - the 8 oz Filet Mignon is normally $37 ALONE....we got it as part of a 3 course meal for $35. It's well worth the *full* price, though. Seriously....

I've been to a few 4- and 5-star restaurants, thanks to work. The Mercury (4.5 stars) is my "standard", since I've been there so much - Del Frisco's is Right up there with 'em. Fearing's.....OK, the presentation was nice, the atmosphere refined..but I didn't like the food. Southwestern (meaning lots of peppers, and HOT) is just not my bag. Dakota's....Chamberlain's......while I've enjoyed my experiences at them, no one (Except the Mercury, but that's Different!) comes close to Del Frisco's. :happy sigh:

We came home full and happy - and already discussing *next* year. :grin: (Should we be here, of course! And should Restaurant Week happen this economy, I kinda doubt it. Things ARE gonna get worse...)

Anyway, it's just me at the office today....this'll be fun. :grin:
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