Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy, busy, busy....

Let's see....the house is pretty much CLEAN. Even the kids' rooms - although they still need a little work.

Piano: Had a guy come out to tune it yesterday - FAIL. Seems this one is good as an ornament only - it'll hold a tune, yes, but the felts are gone, the...horizontal something is bad, know, I don't know what all was wrong, but it would be about $1500 to repair. Just as I was getting ready for the hose job, the guy said, "But - we buy a lot of pianos sight unseen, and we have 5 ready to go now. I can sell you one in good, playable condition - like what you need - for...let's see....the cost of a tuning." :blink: So, for $200 (because we are paying $80 to bring it here), we get a ready-to-play, in tune piano. NOT the snow-job I expected. Now, we just gotta move the parlor-decoration out....

Hair: Did a Marilyn treatment yesterday, and have the last of the jar on my head right now. My hair is so soft, it's not funny. Sweet Geek LOVES the smell of the Godiva shampoo with the Vegen..whatever conditioner. :grin: So..that's good.

Baked a loaf of French bread yesterday - it failed, again. I just can't make a decent loaf of that to save my life. I have a loaf of Pain de Champagne in the machine now...we're see how it turns out.

School starts tomorrow - sucky timing, since that's mom's surgery. Keep us in mind all morning please - we have to have her at the hospital at 6 AM.
Tags: blather, kids, music

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