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MondayTuesday blues.... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

About MondayTuesday blues....

Previous Entry MondayTuesday blues.... Aug. 25th, 2009 @ 10:29 am Next Entry
Had a bit of excitement this AM - Sweet Geek went to get gas in the Jeep for me; upon his return Leah ran thru the gate. (I should insert here that the girls have been out since Sunday, grazing our back pasture and our neighbor's pasture - with their approval) OK. So, I go outside, grab a bucket and fill it with feed.

Bear in mind, ALL the girls are out. So, while I am filling a bucket with feed, I have 3 "helpers" trying to crowd into the shed with me. :sigh: At 5:30 AM.

Anyway, I fill the bucket and head towards the front gate, and quickly realize that I am leading a parade. So, I toss some grain at them - it slows down Magic and Boots, but Heart keeps following me. I toss more grain - good, she stopped! I head towards the gate, and realize - silly man LEFT THE GATE OPEN.

Stop for a minute and THINK about this. 3 horses are loose on our property. 1 is down the street. I have a bucket full of grain. See anything..odd, here? :sigh:

I made it to the gate before Heart - barely. I slapped the override button (not caring if any neighbors saw me - I had a horse literally RUNNING down the driveway at me) and stood in the middle of the driveway while the gate S-L-O-W-L-Y swung shut. Heart, being an idiot, got stuck between the gate and the support - I had to spook her to get her to jump back without any major damage being done (to her OR the gate. :sigh:)

I turn around...and he's got Leah and is leading her back :bangs head: That was a bit of excitement I didn't need.....:lol:

Kids got off to school OK. Mom is OK, slightly nauseous due to drugs, but in good spirits. I'll bring the kidlets out tonight to see her.

Me? I'm at work, doing Nothing. I'm brain-dead and need a nap. Ms. boss invited co-worker and her mother to lunch - but Not Me. I don't care...but these are the conditions I get to work under. Fun, huh? :sigh:
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