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I....just spent $70 for Herself in jewelry findings and origami paper. $31 was the findings...the rest was the origami paper. :deep breath: Methinks she owes me a few more pairs of earrings!

The paper was expensive, yes - but oh, so pretty! I got her 2 packets of foils (1 2-sided, the other 4 colors, cut in 3x3 squares), 2 packets of Yuzen patterns, 2 of Hana Fubuki, 1 folk art, and 1 2-sided solids. LOTS of papers; most of them pretty (and the Fubukis are foiled), I'm not allowed in that section alone any more. :lol:

I was looking on etsy.....crane earrings (like what I have) are listed anywhere from $10 - $20/pair. So....I told her I would be happy to list whatever she wanted to sell, and we'd see how it goes. She'll have to pay any listing fees (out of what she sells, of course!), and maybe toss me $1 or so - but the rest will be hers to do with what she wants. She'll have to pay to replenish her findings and paper.....she needs to learn how the real world works, and I think this will be a good way to do it. We'll see....she might decide to just give them as presents, and that's fine, too.

Off to browse eBay.....JoAnn's is a little high on their paper, methinks.
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