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i'm suffering buyer's remorse, here...

hmmmmmmmmmm. i think i'm in over my head here. see, i was reading joanne hall's book Tying Up the Countermarch Loom (or whatever the title is...) hooo boy...

see, i'velways been a jack loom kinda gal. i warp front to back, like it, etc. don't think that'll work now, though. *g* i'm used to the heavy, solid harnesses, the sticky wire heddles, the unmovable shafts...

looks like i'll have to start warping back to front. shouldn't be a big deal, i just need to wrap my brain around it.

i also did not know that the shafts aren't "solid" - they're just 2 sticks held together by the heddles. (or that's what i understood from my admittidly vicodin-enhanced reading this am) i knew, intellectually, that harnesses on countermarche looms are suspended in space, not held rigidly in the castle like jack looms, but to have it slap me in the face....whoo boy.

i'm looking forward to it...but still. *gulp* this should be an adventure! a good one - countermarche looms are *silent* compared to jack looms (no metal clanging and crashing), which means i can weave when the boy-child is sleeping. and, it's big enough to weave a great kilt! - which is way cool. and i love how swedish looms look.....i just keep telling myself this. it'll be ok...
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