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Previous Entry It's Monday...... Aug. 31st, 2009 @ 09:58 am Next Entry
and I'm home. But working. From home. Because the work has to get done, even if I'm using my vacation time, and even if I'm looking after a surgery-recuperation patient. :sigh: The bad thing is....I've had to spread the work to 2 computers (the laptop can't save as .pdf files, and I don't have XL....well, I *do*, but the version is OLD. The Mac has both...so, I downloaded the files on the mac, did the spreadsheets, then moved to the laptop to put them in QB. Fun stuff!). Not only that, but I don't have all the receipts yet - I've got everything DONE except for 2 piddly receipts. :sigh:

Other than that, everything's peachy. Got the kids off to school, checked on Mom's cat, gave the hens some old bread.....done a load of laundry and dishes. Next up: cookies. Yup, Holly Homemaker, that's me. Only with an outside job, too. :lol:

Not much else to report.....yet. I'm working my way thru "The Year of Living Biblically"..but I think it'll be hitting the trash soon. The author admits he's only doing it for the book opportunity, and he's not anywhere near seriously studying. Ah, well....
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