Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness


didn't sleep last night...think I was fretting over the stupid contract work. I stayed near the 'puter all damn day, wanting and needing to get the crap *3:30* they sent me part of what I needed. Bear in mind that my work day ENDS at 4:00. :bangs head: Also understand that my laptop can't save as .pdfs, I don't have the latest XL, and my scanner doesn't recognize the network. :bangs head:

The Mac can save .pdfs, and has XL, so that was OK. The scanner problem...well, co-worker gets to print and scan the *1* document I need.

In other news.....I now have a rotary dryer. Sweet Geek had said I could have one; in fact, HE'D buy it for me, IF I found one local. Silly took a couple of months, but I found *1* at the local hardware store (everyone else has been sold out. Seems clotheslines are "seasonal items", and the season is over. Ummmm....yeah but this is TX, and it's warm and sunny almost year-round. So.....the "season" doesn't end. Whatever...) It was only $49, so I nabbed it. We just need to plant it now.

I'm tired, but gotta feed the horses and get the kidlets ready for school. Then I gotta get my oil changed. I want to work on the garage today...but we'll see. I need a NAP.
Tags: blather, kids

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